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Information for Parents

Thank you very much for sending your daughter to our school. We really appreciate it.


E-Book Information for Parents of First Year Students 2016-2017

To address the issue regarding the weight of schoolbags St. Louis Secondary School is recommending the introduction of e-books to parents. These are texts which will be available to parents to download at a discounted price.


We recommend that if possible parents should download some of the heavier textbooks or textbooks which are used by your daughter on a frequent basis.


It is hoped that this will reduce the overall weight of schoolbags and students will not have to worry about forgetting books at home or leaving books at school. The e-books also include additional educational resources such as video presentations and materials.


The only requirement is access to a PC or laptop and once you purchase the licence for an e-book in most cases it is possible to access the book on a number of devices e.g. PC, laptop or netbook.



The following books may be purchased online at www.folens.ie/ebooks

•          Active Maths 1

•          Step Up

•          Deutsch Fur Alle

•          Bienvenue en France

•          Eurobusiness

All Ebooks from Folens were discounted last April. To access Folens Ebooks please go to www.folens.ie and follow the Ebooks link.


Gill and Macmillan

The following books may be purchased online at www.gillmacmillan.ie

•          Essentials for Living

•          Impact Textbook

Digital Editions of these textbooks are available via the website and each of the titles listed can be obtained in either a 1 or 3 year download format for students using a Microsoft based operating system.


Prices will vary in according to the duration of the licence i.e. 1, 2 or 3 year licence. Please contact the helpdesk support@gillmacmillan.ie.



The following books may be purchased in Ebook format by registering on www.mentor.ie.

•          Discovering Science

•          Maoin 1



Advice for new parents and students 

The advice below is based on the experiences and questions of new parents over the last two years.  We hope you find it useful. Please email saintlouis@eircom.net or phone us at 047 81422 ie if you have other questions.


School bags

Your daughter was assigned a locker in her first week in St Louis.  Books and bags can be stored in these lockers. However, as she is studying 10 subjects it is likely that a large number of books will have to be carried to and from school for homework and study.  We recommend that you purchase a strong light weight bag with good shoulder straps.  Best advice is that shoulder straps should be kept short so that the bag does not sit down too low on your daughter’s back.  The bag should be carried using both shoulder straps and not hanging from one shoulder as the bag is likely to be heavy.  PE bags should be soft sided so that they can be put into lockers easily.


Organising your day

Each day your daughter will have a large number of books, copies, Home Economics equipment, Art equipment and PE gear to bring to school. To help your daughter manage the requirements for each day we would advise that your daughter packs her bags each evening with all requirements for the following day. We strongly advise the girls not to carry unnecessary books and copies in their school bags throughout the school day.


Ms McNally and her first year tutors offer plenty of advice and support to the girls as they settle in to their new school community.


St Louis Parents' Association

St Louis Secondary School Parents' School Association comprises of a group of volunteer parents.  Parents are elected at the annual AGM.

The Parents’ Association meets every month and they organise fund-raising events for the school. On Sunday, 9th October the Parents’ Association will be organising the Pauline Devlin Memorial Walk.


The main functions of the St. Louis Parents' Association are to:
- Represent all parents / guardians in the school community
- Liaise with the school
- Liaise with students through the Students' Council
- Meet once a month
- Hold an annual AGM
- Appeal for funds annually