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  • School Bank Certs
    School Bank Certs
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    School Bank Cheque

Articles for Thursday 15th June

St Louis School Bank

St Louis Secondary School Bank finished its activities for the academic year 2016-2017.All TY students were given the opportunity to participate in running the bank during the year in conjunction with Bank of Ireland. The girls submitted application forms for the 6 available positions; and the bank staff were very impressed with the high standards of the applicants. The students worked very hard during the year in their free time and exceeded their targets and received a cheque for €500 form bank staff at the end of the year. Over the past number of years the partnership between the Bank of Ireland has expanded and will continue to go from strength to strength. The students wish to acknowledge the help and support of Ms Farrell, Ms Bronagh Connaughton School Bank Co-ordinator and Ms Marian Mullen Bank of Ireland Branch Manager in Monaghan.


Picture shows Bronagh Connaughton School bank Co-ordinator and Marian Mullen Bank of Ireland Branch Manager presenting a cheque for €500 to the St Louis Secondary School Bank Team-Aisling Hurson, Ella Mc Kenny, Rebecca Boyce, Sadhbh Fitzpatrick, Caroline Moran and Orladh Hughes.

The girls are pictured with their certificates and a token of appreciation from the school.